Fox Hill, nr Liddington, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 9th August.

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To me that one is plain and simple, a universal abstract definition of  Love, as a "positive common ground" two or more individuals can share. So there can be friendship, sex or childcare or whatsoever as long as it  is a win-win for both sides and doesn't harm others, it is Love.

Re: Love is in the *air*

There are the 4 elements in alchemy fire, water, earth and air.  Air and water are "higher" elements, fire and earth lower.


Air / wind forms the element of mystery and secret knowledge, that we're supposed to "see through". Water, i.e. temperance is supposed to be helpful in that. In ancient times "the heart" used to represent the qualities of a person and the brain was just something to cool the blood. But in a certain sense it really is true, because only understanding can change the way we feel about things like death or about each other and transform ourselves, like some kind of metamorphosis into a new reality. As we can see earth needs water and fire needs air. It forms an X. My understanding is, that the left side is "female" and the right should at least be male. But most men seem to be bound on the lower two elements, with either lack of cool mind or the 5th Element heart. ;-)

This is my "vision" of temperance, in that World Card (Salvador Dali). ;-)


Re: "See through"...

There are also a references in "The Gospel of Thomas":

3. Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father's) kingdom is within you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

5. Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. [And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]"

77. Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."

Re: Possible Interpretation (s) of "The Gospel of Thomas" (quotes).

The very simple answer/truth (truth is simple?)  is maybe already written there:

1. And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."

If we assume that there is reincarnation, then we already KNOW that there is no death. So there is no point, except, that we're not certain.
But maybe some of us are, and they keep their "secret"?
A reference to that hypothesis?

It could be associated either to goddesses Isis or Maat. One is the king-maker, the other one with the feather "feels" like Liberty.

Re: Death is among the city! ;-))

Re: Fox Hill. (-;


Re: Prejudice...

Many say that Germans don't have a sense of humour.
But where there is a lot of darkness, the light shines even much brighter. LOL This IMHO is one of the greatest sketches in the history of mankind. It would be worth subtitling.

Is it maybe THE "Killer Joke"? (-:
Re: Clowntime is over
# not in my name
But in the name of Hubris and Nemesis.

Re: Humour...

The latter band might be considered the B-52's of the former Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia.

But now there is interesting to say about "Spaceballs" and the slogan "may the [force] be with you" (Star Wars).

The German version says:
"m÷ge der Saft mit dir sein"

translated: "may the juice be with you"
where "juice" in slang can also refer to a (power-)drink, fuel or (electric-)energy

The English version:

where "Schwartz" is Yiddish slang and means "bad luck" there is also an interpretation as "sinister connections"

We should regard harmonic human relationship as the best possible "protection" against all odds.

Re: German 

I'd like to emphasize that on my behalf I'm not any kind of racist or religious supremacist. On the contrary, I consider myself as a libertarian and egalitarian world citizen. My religious convictions according to the quiz below match 100% those of the "Liberal Quakers", although I have never been "organized" anywhere.


But of course unfortunately we all have some kind of ethnic origin and fact is that my mother is of German or Luxembourg origin. My father instead is from let's say "Movanian" origin, which is somewhere in the multi-ethnic dark forests, mountains and canyons of the Balkans. The Movanians are considered being Slavic and hereby related to the Russians, which are the second best in the worst-humour list. The only contributions to the world of humour and music are these two rather cheap, crude and barbaric performances, which of course will notappease to the taste of a world-wide audience. But nevertheless... ;-))

Hope is that there might be some sort of magic link between Penn-sylvania (Quakers) and Tran-sylvania (Dracula). LOL

Re: Mel Brooks (Spaceballs)

IMO he should (also) be declared "santo subito"... ;-))

Re: Crack the sky /...position of *investigating*... [14-08-2015, 05:30 UTC]

What we're doing here is basically nothing more or less than "breaking off the seven seals" as there "coincidently" are also seven symbols in the Stargate to be cracked.

It is that we're obviously receiving response from the CC makers, i.e. by that we're proceeding. Let's see how many more CCs/doors we'll have to crack? Regarding fascist-mafia-wars, "we" can go to the beginning (as far as I am also involved):

"You have to understand, that..."

So obviously there are different "mafias" with their own "OmertÓ" (code of silence, secrecy). Apocalypse is about "lifting the veil". But do we want to live eternally in our infancy, knowing and not wanting to know, besides of "So Much Trouble in the World"?

Let's face the TRUTH and the day and let it be a wonderful beginning or..."The End"... ;-)

Of course god an the true faith will prevail and we have to die one day anyway. Sometimes dying sooner is even better in order to prevent the immortal soul going astray and become doomed.

I have to add, that the chronology of the posts is sometimes confused, so I will start making "time-stamps".

Re: Santo Zlad.

It's becoming a bit confusing, so lets clear some things up. The "point" is, that there is a certain hubris declaring someone a saint, *as if* god wouldn't be already  taking care of that. And there are certainly more heretic saints, that died for the truth, than church officials, that in first place are representing the *interests* of the institution. And their authority was also based on fear, which is nothing spiritual in the end.

The second thing is, that there is no point in asking me anything, since I am in the position of *investigating* and NOT *knowing*, i.e. HAVING answers and proofs. What I believe to know, I'm sharing here and it's up to anyone to learn from that and/or know better and to let others learn.


Re: Truth and Spaceballs. [14-08-2015 12:30 UTC]

Here we have a peace of art, that is about burning for truth.

And here in the end, [from 4:00 on] the truth about the "greedy Eros" becomes obvious.

Re: Bad luck. [14-08-2015 13:00]

So here we come to the conclusion of the stupid evil (-DOer ;-)). It's named "History".

Re: Judgments... ;-) [14-08-2015 14:00 UTC]


Re: Judgments... [14-08-2015 14:30 UTC]



Re: Venus, fire... [14-08-2015 15:45 UTC]
This is not about seven seals, but "The Ninth Gate".
Reminds me of "Madonna - The Power of Goodbye". ;-)

Re: Goodbye... ;-) [14-08-2015 16:30 UTC]

Who would be that stupid, not being able to say "Goodbye to Hell !?"  In fact, this has never been cleared up by the church. If Kingdom of God paradise is to come, what's the point being here, i.e. where are we then now and what for?

Learn to BE free, i.e. reasonable?

Re: Yes... ;-) [14-08-2015 18:30 UTC]

...terra incognita - hic sunt dracones... ;-)


Re: secrecy and "Ichthys"


Re: telepathy, revelations/art and consciousness ;-)




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