Krom Farm, Vestby, County of Akershus, Norway. Reported 9th August.

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Updated Monday 14th September  2015


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Krom Farm, Vestby, Norway- Crop Circle 9th August 2015 – 9 8 8

In a comment on this crop design, well - part crop circle as some of the circle seems to have missed the ‘playing area’- Franklin Thomson writes about Earth grids which might be energized in some way. This is interesting but not what, in my opinion, is evidenced so far. Some crop designs would clearly seem to contain messages in their design, appearance date and location. There is a focal point for this activity which is Wiltshire in southern Britain. The messages seem to highlight the geometric and mathematical proportions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt the key numbers being the height to base ratio, 7 / 11, leading to 44 units, and the ratio Pi as 22 / 7. Some years ago the author David Furlong wrote about his discovery of proposed landscape geometry in Wiltshire of very ancient origin related to these geometric and mathematical proportions.  The Furlong proposals indicate a focal point of his geometry at Temple Farm, nr Marlborough in Wiltshire which is where the upper chamber of the Great Pyramid geometry lies on the landscape.

So we have a proposed ancient geometric layout being highlighted by crop designs over recent years but not in an obvious way, no big ‘X marks the spot’, but strong indications that this Temple Farm geographic location is important and therefore must have been considered very important when the landscape layout was created thousands of years ago. This geographical location is approximately at Latitude 51 degrees 27 minutes north and 1 degree 48 minutes west of the Greenwich Meridian. This could be an important focal point of a grid, such as the ones proposed, but not necessarily, just a focal point in a geometric layout set out, for some reason, long, long ago and now being indicated by the appearance of crop designs.

So how can we find out if there is a geometric layout being highlighted by crop circles? Investigate this Temple Farm location to see if it has any great significance maybe.

Anyone really interested in the mystery of some crop circle appearances would perhaps be wise not to ignore this avenue but a couple of clues to help you on your way....the most significant area of our world to our recorded history has been the Holy Land....and have a look at the first 3 Chapters of the Book of the Revelations of John....the last book of the bible with its 7 ‘church’ locations...

Michael Stewart

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With Love from Thule 

This is Norway's crop circle number 40, located at 80 meter altitude. And it depicts a consciousness unit that is being inseminated near a heart-shaped grassland. Beneath the crop circle, you see a double-headed snake. Its inseminator? 

The name of the crop's location is "Krom Farm", alluding to the Norwegian Association for Penal Reform of the same name, KROM, that was founded in 1968 by a group of intellectuals and socially oriented practitioners in Norway who thought that prisons were inhumane and did not work.

The organization originally emphasized prison reform with a change toward treatment. Over the years, however, the emphasis shifted to the abolition of prisons. KROM is notable for being among the first to bring prisoners themselves into the organization as active participants. KROM organizes prisoners, ex-prisoners and non-prisoners in penal reform work, and has served as a model for similar organizational activities in several other countries. 

But aren't we all somehow prisoners of some kind, yearning to be set free ? Free from our limited minds and consciousnesses, and free from a rigid and repressive society ?  

Are you aligned ? 

And now I wanted to talk about a subject that not only refers to this crop circle, but to ALL crop circles that have been made this year.

Bill Buehler, Michael Stewart and others said in recent comments that our beloved planet Earth is covered all over by various energetic grids, like f.e. the Reshel grid, or David Furlong's Twin Circles. And it was said that crop circles relate to those grids, either creating and manipulating them, or simply aligning to them. And I put it to a test... 

The subject of energy grids pervading our planet is still considered "pseudo-science" by many. So it would be interesting to know what the crop circle makers think of those grids. Do they exist ? Do they relate to crop circles? 

So let's simply do the check, and compare the crop circles of this season to some of those grids...

I will focus here on the grid developed by Bethe Hagens and Bill Becker in the early 1980'ies - called the "Unified Vector Geometry 120 Sphere" [UVG-120 Sphere] - a grid that unifies many other grids, like the Tetrahedral grid of Buckminster Fuller, Ivan Sanderson's Icosahedral grid, Bruce Cathie's Cube-octahedral grid and the Icosa-dodecahedral grid of the Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov.  

In simple terms, the UVG-120 Sphere contains all five Platonic solids - tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron - which are then projected onto the Earth's surface. And it is funny to note that the outlines of this grid not only match most of the earth's seismic fracture zones and ocean ridge lines, but also match worldwide atmospheric highs and lows, paths of migratory animals, gravitational anomalies, and even the sites of ancient cities ! 

But do they also match the crop circles ? 

Becker-Hagens grid viewed from North pole: 

Crop circles from Europe: 

They ALL align to the grid ! And now what about Britain's crop circles ? 

Here the crop circles from Brazil: 

The Gray crop circle from the US: 

The red circles mark by the way the mass murders that have been taken place since the Aurora shooting from 2012. All of them happened either on a New Moon, or three days before or three days after a Full Moon ! What does that tell you ? 

And here the crop circle from China: 

Almost ALL crop circles of this year - that is 63 so far - are located on Becker-Hagens' UVG-120-Sphere grid !

Does that mean that those crop circles are needed to create or manipulate this grid ? No, not necessarily. It's hard to imagine that the crop circle makers need to flatten some wheat in some fancy geometrical way in order to being able to create or manipulate a strong energetic field encompassing the whole Earth. My guess is rather that these crop circles are being placed on this grid mainly to show us surface-humans that such a grid exists. That those energy grids are a reality, and not esoteric mumbo-jumbo ! 

And I like to finish on a note by Bill Buehler as to why Love is important: "Recent studies in geneto-biology have shown a direct link between heart electricity and the DNA. The DNA is programmed by the electricity of the heart. When you are feeling love, the electrical charge of the heart, as measured by spectrum analysis, approaches Phi. The Phi ratio allows electrical power to change harmonic octaves without losing any power or information." 


The Becker-Hagens grid -

Franklin Thomson

It seems to me that in a corn field discovered an image of what appears frequently on the Internet. Pictures sent by people from around the world. For some, this is evidence of the existence of a foreign body in our solar system, some argue that it is co planet Venus, or just reflections in the lens of the camera. Now, this image appeared in a corn field. Important is the fact that the action of these two bodies (the crop) reaches up to the islet vegetation. Here, perhaps symbolizing the planet Earth. For why was this information is inserted into the corn field?


Pávková Z.







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