Hackpen Hill, nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 8th July.

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Brother Sun and Sister Moon… 

Interpretation of the second stage of this crop circle relies on the first stage for some of its meaning. Thank you to WJ of Artworks for pointing out the Golden Ratio factor, because it enhances the understanding of the sun/moon hieros gamos image of the second stage. 

In the final version we see a crescent moon, united with a sun, and a spiral defining some relationship between the two celestial bodies considered heavenly deities for millennia. It is this spiral relationship factor and the Golden Ratio (as it relates to the Fibonacci sequence) that add a new dimension to the sacred marriage symbol here in Wiltshire, July 8, 2014.  

The small off-centre circle within the larger one indicates the Golden Ratio, marked clearly for us by WJ in COMMENTS. When I had tried to match a Fibonacci spiral to the position of the small circle, by positioning the spiral’s inner end at the centre of the large formation circle and flipping the spiral around until I got a relationship with the small circle, I found that the small circle was positioned to correspond with the ‘5’ section of the spiral. 


When the Fibonacci spiral is superimposed upon the first stage of this Wiltshire formation, we see that the small ‘seed’ circle lies within the corresponding section ‘5’. 

‘5’, as is noted in the Wilmington Long Man, July 7, 2014 essay, is the number of ‘Man’, but also ‘perfection’ by way of union of the Masculine and Feminine Principles, the hieros gamos.  

The Fibonacci spiral is a mathematical description of growth and development in Nature (e. g. snail shell, sunflower, embryos, etc.). What is also very intriguing is that ‘5’ in the Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,33,………) is the first element of the set that, when divided by the previous element (5 / 3) renders the first very close approximation of the Golden Ratio, i.e., 1.6. 

The Fibonacci spiral is closely related to the Golden Ratio and describes growth of organic life, weather patterns and galactic rotation. 

So the initial stage of the formation tells us that it is dealing with growth and development in Creation, and that the growth begins (the small circle with dot does look like a seed) with humankind (the ‘5’). 

In the second stage we are given the way in which humanity is to accomplish this big job of perfecting creation.  The sun, the moon and the spiral figures in the finished formation combine to inform us.  

“When patriarchy superseded matriarchy, a feminine character came to be attributed to the moon and a masculine to the sun. The hieros gamos, generally understood as the marriage of heaven and earth, may also be taken as the union of the sun and the moon. “Over time, the changing phases of the moon were associated with the periodic creation and recreation of the universe. “These phases are analogous to the seasons of the year and to the ages in the span of man’s life, and are the reasons for the affinity of the moon with the biological order of things, since it is also subject to the laws of change, growth and decline.” (Cirlot 215) The moon reflects the sun’s light and also suffers fragmentation from time to time. 

The sun represents individual consciousness as embodied in the “heroic and courageous force, creative and guiding” and is the active principle of the spirit. It is constant. 


The union of the sun and the moon is a classical symbol for the wholeness of being. “In some folklore-traditions, the urge to allude in some way to the supreme good, which by definition, is incapable of definition, is met by saying ‘to join the Sun and the Moon’.”(Cirlot 320)  

In Western thought, the idea of the ‘masculine’ sun and the ‘feminine’ moon, “implies that the active faculties (of reflection, good judgment or will power) are solar, while the passive qualities (imagination, sentiment and perception) are feminine, with intuition possibly androgynous.” (Cirlot 319) These ideas could be compared to the Eastern Yin Yang concept. 

In this Wiltshire circle we have the interaction/union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle quickened by the dynamic of the spiral seemingly emanating like breath from the Moon’s mouth to curl around the Sun’s eye.  

The spiral is “A schematic image of the evolution of the universe. It is also a classical form symbolizing the orbit of the moon, and a symbol for growth, related to the Golden Number, arising out of the concept of the rotation of the earth.” (Cirlot 305) 

So, from the moon, feminine and the unconscious, comes a ‘breath of life’ in spiral form to fill up the solar, the masculine and the conscious mind with new life, rhythms, growth and insight. This is the way and the means that humanity has at its collective disposal to bring about and participate in the continuing growth and renewal of life on our beloved Earth. It involves all of Nature, collective consciousness, and a new universal spirituality. The spiral is continual to infinity as is the Fibonacci sequence WITHOUT ANY REPETITION; it is always NEW! Humankind is a seed element in this fascinating sequence of Creation Events! 

Michelle Jennings ( https://michelle-jennings.squarespace.com/blog )


Cirlot, J.E. A Dictionary of Symbols.Routledge & Kegan Paul. London.1962.

Cooper, J.C. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols. Thames& Hudson. London. 1978.  






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More support, within another formation, for the MH370 hypothesis - by N H Newman

I'd first like to thank the Crop Circle Connector for letting me use this copyright photograph of theirs [upon which I've placed the first 16 positive integers] and the one shown in Fig. 2. 

Fig. 1 

Before I attempt to explain how I believe this formation can be understood I should point out that although it appears to be crudely made, as Berat Sancar rightly stated, I do not agree that this means the structure is a fraudulent creation. Accuracy of setting out is only needed if the shapes being depicted are designed to convey, within their dimensional relationships, certain subtleties, and I have definitely found many crop circles of that type. But on other occasions it's just the numbers of items, within defined areas, that are being stressed and not their more refined attributes. I would add that a formation's rough appearance to the eye may sometimes disguise impeccable geodetic relationships that it exhibits to other structures it's linked to. 

I had an immediate interest in this circle because it [and another, which I've also scrutinised] started appearing 5 days after an edifice that was dominated by the factor 5 i.e. the Long Man of Willington structure, of July 3 [day 184 of the year], which I'm in the process of preparing an article about, for submission to this site. I therefore wasted no time in examining it. 

As the formation had two phases of construction - on July 8 [day 189] and, July 9 [day 190] - I concluded that, to understand it, we'll have to consider them in the correct order. 

I noted that the first structure comprised a ring of flattened crop, which accommodated a set of 16 erratically shaped and, spaced areas of standing crop and which encompassed 1 large disc of standing crop that contained a small disc of flattened crop, with a small tuft of stalks at its centre. 

Fig. 2 

It was therefore apparent that the quota of distinct areas of standing crop [ignoring the 'tuft'] was the prime number, 17 [= 16+1]. 

This proved to be of considerable interest because when I numbered the outer ring's 16 areas of standing crop [which formed a conspicuous group on the formation's exterior], as shown in Fig. 1, their total, 136, could be seen to be linked to 189, which represents the day of the year that the first phase was found, in the following, meaningful way. 

Their difference is the prime 53, which happens to be the 17th prime [remembering to count 1 as the 1st]. In other words, I'd identified a numerical consistency between the date the edifice was discovered and its internal structure [something that I always expect to do]. 

But I also knew that 53 exhibits a clear relationship with a number that has figured regularly in the news, all over the world, since March 7 [UTC] - 239 - which was the quota of people on Malaysian Airways Flight MH370 i.e. it is the 53rd prime. 

So I was presented with the possibility that this strange, unimpressive formation was alluding to the cited mystery and, tragedy - something that I have found repeatedly this year. 

The second phase of the creation seemed so bizarre I knew that, if it was to make any sense, it would have to have the simplest of interpretations. And having concluded that it comprises representations of two entities, a spiral and a naive moon, I suspected that our attention was being drawn to these two words, in that order [i.e. as the depicted eye will be in the upper part of the head, we know which way the formation, and hence the two words, must be viewed]. 

This theory proved to be of considerable interest when I noted that the tally of the cited areas of standing crop behind the moon's oval exterior is 8, which means that the 16 areas are split into two lots of 8 - a relationship that could infer [for the purposes of such a communication] the number 88

Fig. 3 

I knew that when this inferred 88 is added to the above cited 189, which represents the day of the year that the 16 areas were found, we obtain a prime, 277, which relates in a clear way to 10, the letter quota in the words spiral moon i.e. the product of 277 & the 10th prime [or '10p'] is, 6371 [= 277x23], which equals the exact radius, in kilometres, of the sphere that has to be used for all geodetic calculations involving formations [as I've explained in the past]. 

And as almost every authentic crop circle I've investigated, over the years, embodies a subtle or a more explicit reference to 6371, I concluded that this edifice is also likely to be genuine. 

I then focussed on the words themselves and again identified something of interest. 

The value of SPIRAL [as per the simple cipher: A=1…Z=26] is, 75 [= 19+16+9+18+1+12], and that of MOON is, 57 [= 13+15+15+14]. In other words, when expressed as shown, the numbers are the reverse of one another. 

And as the two images the words represent are disposed directly next to one another, within the formation, it was evident that when the numbers are also juxtaposed in this manner they can define - 7557 - which is, of course, a palindrome

Knowing that the number, 189, which represents the day of the year that the first phase of the formation had been found, had been closely involved in the other relationships I'd identified, in this analysis, I now wondered if it has a bearing on the above number, 7557, as well. But I was also curious as to how the factor 190, which represents the second day of discovery, fits into the whole picture. 

The simple act of adding 189 to 190, yielding the prime, 379, soon led me to even more than I was expecting to find. 

I first noted that the digits of the number 379 exhibit an explicit relationship with 189, the day that the first phase of the construction work commenced i.e. 3x7x9 = 189

I then discovered that if this product, 3x7x9, is now expressed as - 3px7px9p - it computes to 741 [= 3x13x19]. 

This result would have meant nothing to me were it not for the fact that the sum of 7557 and 741 equals, 8298, a number I'd only just found in my analysis of the Long Man of Willington formation, as reference to my article will confirm [I'm in the process of finishing it].

8298 represents the accurately defined displacement, expressed in kilometres and measured on the surface of the cited earth model, that exists between two points that have a far reaching significance, in the context of the MH370 investigation. It will be elucidated in my article. 

I suspect, however, that this massive dimension is also being depicted in this new formation. Each phase of the construction produced a curious point that is marked by what I referred to, in the case of the first one, as 'a tuft of stalks inside a small disc of flattened crop', and I've set out a symbolic representation of them below. I've also highlighted the fact that each location is engulfed [predominantly to the rear] by one of the cited groups of 8 areas of standing crop. 

Fig. 4 

If we now acknowledge the fact that the two tufts of standing crop could represent a naïve 11, which happens to be the prime rank of 29, it's clear that this 8-29-8 arrangement could infer the described 8298, which also represents a distance between two points - but a huge one. 

I would therefore be intrigued to know what the actual measurement between the two tufts is! 

I also believe that there's an important philosophical point being made here - the very one that I cited at the beginning of this article. One of the tufts [the first to form] is a representation of the eye's pupil, the very part of the organ that lets the light in. It appears to be just a tiny part of a poorly made formation but it really helps to define a dimension of breathtaking accuracy. So we are being advised: don't always accept what your eyes are telling you! 

I'd add, finally, the above described prime, 379 [= 189+190], which drew my attention to the key factor, 741, relates to 66, which was the day of the year [UTC] that Flight MH370 went missing, in a unique way. It can be expressed as: 66p+66 [= 313+66]. 

© Neil Hudson Newman MSc. [Construction Management]; 10 July, 2014

Joseph Mason




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