West Kennett Longbarrow, Nr Avebury. Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd June.

Map Ref: SU105678

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Updated Saturday 5th July  2014


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Artwork by WJ



This is the second original formation of this year. Many hoaxers working as last year. This formation is connected with June 4th. of Netherlands. Same elements but the most important is the location. The key is Avebury ancient site and Silbury Hill Pyramid. It's a shame many people giving wrong information and interpretation not related with the original message. For more information visit my youtube channel:- WATCH

Pablo Olivares

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I’m sending this comment immediately after seeing the referenced crop circle because I had a flash of inspiration, and the comment can’t wait.  But regrettably, being a “math-o-phobe” I lack the skills for the computations demanded by the insight . . . though I intend to give it my best!  I’m hoping that others not fettered by my own handicap may be able to pick-up the lead and pursue it.  Let’s collaborate! 

First, the fact that the circle-makers have chosen to duplicate the West Kennett Long Barrow lay-down of July 2011 in the same field, apparently at the same precise location, cannot be accidental, and should not be ignored.  Why not?  Because they’re evidently underscoring a point . . . something we missed?! 

Second, the fact that two identical crop circles came down in the same field, at the same precise location, indicates differentiation in time, only.  Furthermore, it should be possible to measure the separation with precision. 

Third, the circle-makers have historically used “clocks” and other means, frequently, astronomical (for example, phases of the Moon or cycles of Venus), to indicate measures of time. 

It would, therefore, be very interesting to know whether the temporal separation of the July 2011 and June 2014 lay-downs corresponds with some whole number of measure.  Obviously, there’s no whole number correspondence in Sidereal or Tropical years; but what about lunations, or cycles of Venus?  Hypothetically, perhaps, they’ve handed us a temporal “yard-stick” for interpreting other crop circles.


Consider the crop circle at Marocchi (Poirino), Italy, for example; the formation came down precisely on the Solstice (perhaps, the most ancient measure of time), and one of the great disks has apparent “clock hands”—double-, and single-triangular indicators—except, they obviously do not point to hours or minutes because the great disk is graduated in eight units, not twelve or sixty. 

But in eight whole earth-years, Venus draws a pentagram in the sky.  Could we be looking at a clock keyed to the 8-year cycle of Venus?! 

Text Box: Clock hands?””””

Text Box: Lunations?
Text Box: Wind barb?http://cropcircleconnector.com/2014/Marocchi/Marocchi2014a.jpg 

Well, if the lower disk is indeed a clock, what does it say about the upper disk, if anything?  Is it a clue that the upper disk resembles our sun, or that the F-shaped figure attached to it looks suspiciously like a wind-barb?  ww2010.atmos.uiuc.edu 

Perhaps, the circle-makers are hinting at the strength and direction of the solar wind at a time measured from the Solstice by Venus, or Moon, or both?! 

John Del Campo


Arturas Jazavita posts us his latest grid work regarding  the crop circle reported on the 22nd of June, 2014, at West  Kennett Longbarrow, near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK.

Andrew Edwards explores geometric possibilities with his diagram and covering comment - 'If the West Kennet crop circle is exactly the same as the East and West Kennet 2011 formations (or at least proportionally the same) then the same geometry should hold. Which some may remember you could fit regular polygons perfectly between the standing and flattened rings.'

Whether or not the circle-makers choose a theme for each season of crop circles is debatable.  But I think nobody will deny that thematic ideas frequently "crop-up;" and this year is no exception: labyrinths and time seem to figure importantly. 

For example, isn't it interesting that two identical crop circles came down in the same field, adjacent to the West Kennett Longbarrow, precisely 36 lunar months apart?  (There are 1062 days between 07-25-11 and 06-21-14; and 1062 divided by 29.5 days per lunar month, yields 36 lunar months.)  Furthermore, 1062 days = 2.91 Earth years (1062 ¸ 365.26 = 2.907) or 4.73 Venusian years (1062 ¸ 224.7 = 4.726), which closely matches the value in Earth years when divided by Phi (4.726 ¸ 1.61803399 = 2.92)?  Curious, no?! 

I invite others to check my math because I have no facility in this department.  But how curious!  Does anybody else see interesting relationships, temporal or otherwise, in these numbers?  "Inquiring minds want to know!"  ;-)

John Del Campo
Falls Church, Virginia


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