The Forests Way, Nr Roydon, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 17th July.

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Marco Kirchner posts us his slide regarding his analysis on the recent crop circle near Royton, Essex. Marco's text:

[Cropcircle: Nr Roydon, Essex, UK, 17.July.14]

***The 12th Primary StarGates of our Universal Templar Complex Vs. The 12th Chakra System:

■ 1st Dim. Theta Orion ═══► 1) Root Chakra
■ 2nd Dim. Epsilon Eridanus ═══► 2) Sacral Chakra
■ 3rd Dim. Planet Earth ═══► 3) Solar Plexus Chakra
■ 4th Dim. Sun ═══► 4) Heart Chakra
■ 5th Dim. Pleiades Alcyone ═══► 5) Throat Chakra
■ 6th Dim. Sirius B ═══► 6) Third Eye Chakra
■ 7th Dim. Arcturus Bootes ═══► 7) Crown Chakra
■ 8th Dim. Orion Mintaka ═══► 8 ) Auric Chakra
■ 9th Dim. Andromeda Mirach ═══► 9) Etheric Chakra
■ 10th Dim. Lyra Vega ═══► 10) Real Self Chakra
■ 11th Dim. Lyra Aveyon ═══► 11) Soul Star Chakra
■ 12th Dim. Lyra Aramatena ═══►12) ★ Divine Gateway Chakra



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The Formation at Forests Way appears to be half natural and half man-made in that the section to the right looks quite amateurish in comparison with the section to the left of which unfortunately there are no better shots. It seems to me that someone has gone into the field and decided to try and copy the original circle by extending it and I'm surprised that there have been no similar comments made so far.




A new crop picture which appeared near Roydon, Essex on July 17, 2014 was drawn in the landscape along the “pectoral fin” of a “tiger shark”, which may be swimming to a “CITY” soon: two lunar glyphs from that crop picture seem to show our Moon in crescent phase near the Hyades or comet Jacques on July 22 to 24, 2014 

Many crop pictures from the summer of 2014 have been drawn within “animal images” that sometimes appear fortuitously in the landscape, for example within the “tail” of a “tiger grouper” at Forest Hill on July 16, 2014. This new crop picture near Roydon, Essex on July 17, 2014 seems to have been drawn within the “pectoral fin” of a “tiger shark”!  

A complete list of such landscape symbolisms from 2014 is given at the end of this article. The clear implication of such broadly-based symbolisms is that they were meant to be seen from space. No human fakers who work solely on the ground, whether in crops or on sand, have to my knowledge ever produced such amazing constructions.  

When we study the broad location of that new Essex crop picture near Roydon using Google Earth, we see right away the image of some “animal in the landscape”. After careful study, I concluded that it might be the front end of a “tiger shark”:  

Two large “fins” as dorsal and pectoral seem particularly prominent. This “shark” seems to have a distended stomach, from eating some “buildings” recently. What might he have eaten? 

Along the lower “pectoral fin” of that “shark”, close to the crop picture as drawn, we can also see four large “letters in the landscape” which curl around to say “C-I-T-Y”.  

Zooming in for a closer look, we can see four distinct “letters” which seem to spell “C-I-T-Y”, just above where the crop picture (shown in black and white) was drawn:  

This is the fourth time that “letters in the landscape” have been found near new crop pictures in 2014. For a complete list, please see the summary below. On the far left, within the “stomach” of that “shark”, we can see a series of landscape symbols which possibly resemble parts of a military base in the Indian Ocean, as seen from the air.  

Studying this crop picture from a slightly different perspective, we can see a “three-dimensional curved arrow” with the letters “C-I-T-Y” written near its tip:  

This “arrow” confirms that the “tiger shark” is definitely “swimming” towards a “CITY”. What a bizarre message to deliver in crops! What might the crop artist be trying to tell us, very subtly so that only a few humans on Earth will understand?  

When we study this new crop picture on a finer scale, we see that it was drawn just below the large letter “I” in “C-I-T-Y”: 

The round and extended image of a “tailed comet” seems to appear below. Perhaps that “tiger shark” will “swim” when our Moon is close in the sky to a “bright comet”? Two small “T” shapes within the crop picture may refer to a letter “T” of C-I-T-Y” as shown above, or else to a sky constellation “Taurus”.  

We can see two “lunar crescents” within the crop picture itself, that have been drawn in proximity to other circles which might represent “bright stars”. Let us study those astronomical symbols further, to try and understand what they might mean?  

Two different sets of symbols have been presented: one on the left, and another on the right. Symbols on the left resemble the path of our crescent Moon through the Hyades star cluster in Taurus (T) on July 22, 2014. Three little dots above or to the left might represent “three bright stars” in each “perpendicular arm” of the Hyades. A small letter “T” which lies above could stand for the constellation “Taurus”:  

On the right, our crescent Moon has been drawn somewhat smaller in size, as if it might be located near two other large, bright sky objects. That is approximately what we will see in Earth’s sky on July 24, 2014, when our Moon approaches two large and bright planets, namely Venus and Mercury.  

The overall shape of both glyphs resembles a “tailed comet”. On July 23, 2014, our Moon will pass close to comet Jacques in Earth’s night sky as shown.   

The left-hand crop glyph from Roydon also resembles a word “C-I-T-Y” spelled backwards, where its small letter “I” (made of three dots) was drawn directly beneath a similar large letter “I” in the landscape:  

The right-hand crop glyph from Roydon seems less clear, but might imply “LONDON CITY”.   

These interpretations remain speculative although plausible. Will a metaphorical “tiger shark” really “swim” on July 22 to 24, 2014 towards some unspecified “CITY”? Another crop picture near Boskovic in the Czech Republic on June 28, 2014 showed a “compass arrow” which pointed toward southern England (see Boskovic).  

Why would the crop artist place so much emphasis on four letters “C-I-T-Y”, which curl around the “pectoral fin” of a “shark”? This crop artist is clearly a joker or jester! We often see humorous images in crops, although not many people understand his wry sense of humour. Perhaps that subtle feature has something to do with radio transmissions from tagged sharks or whales, which experts on Earth believed might be coming from the “black box” of missing airplane MH370 (see  

We will learn more soon, if the interpretations suggested above are even partly correct. A summary of various landscape symbols or artistic metaphors, which have appeared in two dozen different crop pictures from May, June or July of 2014, all across England or Europe, is presented in Appendix 1 below.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. We would like to thank all of the aerial photographers and/or field researchers who have made symbolic analyses such as this possible.  

Appendix 1. A summary of landscape symbols or artistic metaphors which have been used so far, during the summer of 2014, for two dozen crop pictures all across England or Europe 

“Letters” in the nearby landscape or “letter codes” in the fallen crop:  

RTTY (Hod Hill), NO MORE WAR (Gipsy Lane), DG (Rodmarton), DIG (Forest Hill), CITY (Roydon).  

“Animal images” in the landscape near a new crop picture:  

honey badger (Loose Bottom), falcon (Celle), watching serpent (Harewell Lane), cobra (Germany), wahoo fish (Ridgeway), quetzal bird (Boskovic), rattlesnake (Tetbury Lane), digging serpent (Privetice), aviator serpent (Rodmarton), tiger grouper (Forest Hill), tiger shark (Roydon).  

Heroic metaphors of rescue or bravery:  

Star Extractor (Buckle Street), Theseus entering a Labyrinth to slay the Minotaur (Celle, Serbia, Ridgeway, Long Man 2), Venus Star (Harewell Lane, Ackling Dyke), Parachute (Badbury, Rodmarton), Zorro (Ridgeway), Viking Sun Compass (Boskovic), Tall Man Entering the Stage (Long Man 1), Jester (Long Man 1), Man in the Moon (Hackpen Hill).


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