The Ridgeway, Nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th June.

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An enigmatic and humorous crop picture appeared near Ridgeway on June 26, 2014: what might its two numbers of “3” and “0” signify? And do we see a “seagull” and “jumping fish” on either side?  

A simple and enigmatic crop picture appeared near Ridgeway (not far from Hackpen Hill) on June 26, 2014. It shows just four circles, three completely flattened and one with an open centre.  

Three of those circles align with three large groups of trees in the landscape nearby. The fourth (flattened) circle points at a right angle toward an “enclosure” on the right:  

If we count those four circles according to whether they are completely flattened, or else keep an standing centre, we get the two numbers “3” and “0”.  

Next when we study the same crop picture using Google Earth, to see the nearby landscape more clearly, we can confirm that three large groups of trees (circled in blue) line up nicely with two flattened circles and one open circle from the crop picture:  

A fourth flattened circle points toward a “right triangle” and a long “enclosure” on the right. Slightly above and to the right, we can see what might be a “bird” or “fish” peering down with “two eyes”!  

Finally when we study the same crop picture from another perspective, we can see again how three circles, two flattened and one open, continue a “curved line of trees” (circled in blue) near the top:

A fourth flattened circle points down toward a “right triangle” and an “enclosure”. On the left we can see what might be a “seagull”, while on the right we can see what might be a “jumping fish”. Some humour was clearly intended here by the crop artist!  

What might those two numbers “3” and “0” signify? Could they be a calendar date such as “June 30”? Close to the centre of the slide shown above, we can see a set of rectangular buildings which are grouped as “2, 3, 4”. Counting four days onward from June 26, we would arrive at June 30.  

A possibly related crop picture appeared in Holland on the same day of June 26, 2014. It shows a central open circle like the one drawn here, with three smaller flattened circles leading off to each side (see Standdaarbuiten 201 4b).

The hidden and remarkable secret of a crop picture which appeared near Ridgeway on June 26, 2014: a field image of the Hyades star cluster in constellation Taurus, accompanied by the nearby landscape image of a “labyrinth”, and also by the numbers “3” and “0” 

A crop picture which appeared at Ridgeway on June 26, 2014 has remained enigmatic and poorly understood for the past three days. Finally by comparing images of the specific landscape near this crop picture, with known star maps of the night sky, we have arrived at a much clearer understanding of what it was trying to say.  

On the night of June 25-26, 2014, our Moon was moving through the constellation Taurus, past several bright stars of the Hyades star cluster including Aldebaran. A new crop picture was then drawn on that night close to the centre of large “Z-shaped” pattern in the farm landscape, which has been marked with three dashed blue lines below:  

This “Z shape” as created by several farmer’s fields matches a “Z shape” of stars in the Hyades cluster, plus some of its surrounding stars, in Earth’s night sky. Please see an inset of real stars from our night sky in the slide above! A small yellow arrow marks where the bright orange star Aldebaran should located in the landscape, according to this “star map”. We can see in that field location a small, round landscape feature as marked with a yellow arrow  

Three large, yellow circles were added to suggest how three nearby large, round groups of trees match three other bright orange stars from the upper part of the Hyades cluster.  

On the right, a humorous-looking “bird” or “fish” looks up at those “stars” with two “black, beady eyes”. A long thin line which runs through its “beak” lines up with part of the stellar sky map.  

Now when we study the new crop picture in even closer detail, we find that it was drawn close to the centre of a “Z shaped” set of crop tramlines, which again match well (on a small scale) that stellar Z-shaped configuration from the night sky above:

A large open circle as drawn in crops (on the left) was meant to represent the bright, orange star Aldebaran. Three small circles which were drawn in crops (on the right) were intended to match a triangular set of less bright, blue stars which lie just to the right of Aldebaran in Earth’s night sky.  

The crop artist has drawn only four stars from a more numerous stellar array. Might he be trying to suggest a date four days later on June (26 + 4) = 30? Or could his choice of pattern mean something else? Three small crop “stars” have been grouped into a triangle of “3”, while one large crop “star” by itself might represent “0”.  

All of these stars from the Hyades cluster reside in a constellation known as “Taurus the Bull”. That constellation was given its name 3000 years ago in ancient Crete, because it resembles the bull-like shape of a “Minotaur” which was known there in popular culture. The residents of ancient Crete even put an image of that “Minotaur” on some of their coins around 500 BC.  

How might Taurus the Bull and a legendary Minotaur relate to the new crop picture at Ridgeway? Well, if we look just a little further away in the landscape from where that crop picture was drawn, we can see a square “labyrinth” shape, similar to the real labyrinth which was once used to house (or imprison) a Minotaur in ancient Crete:  

What a complex and amazing set of symbols!  

To recap, we can see on a small scale a “Z shape” in crop tramlines. This matches the Hyades star cluster and its surrounding stars in Earth’s sky. At the centre of that small “Z shape”, we can see four “stars” from the Hyades which were drawn explicitly in crops (Aldebaran and three others). Those four stars were grouped to suggest the numbers “3” and “0”.  

On a somewhat larger scale, we can see that same “Z shape” repeated once again across several fields. Here a large round shape in the landscape marks the analogous location of bright star Aldebaran. 

On a very large scale, we can see how three round groups of trees suggest three bright, orange stars from the upper part of the Hyades star cluster. They also suggest a number series such as “1-2-3 > 4”. Several rectangular buildings in field below (not shown here) are likewise grouped as “2-3-4”.  

A square “labyrinth” shape lies just below that “Hyades star map” in the landscape, from the constellation Taurus. Is someone planning to enter a metaphorical “labyrinth” soon to slay a “minotaur”? Four other “labyrinth” images have appeared so far in crops this summer: on June 1 at Hod Hill, on June 8 in Serbia, on June 12 in France, or on June 17 at Badbury (if we count its “rings”)

Finally on the right we can see a large “bird” or ”fish”, who seems to be watching all of this in amusement with two “black, beady eyes”. We can also see other landscape symbols whose meanings are not yet well understood. Perhaps the final interpretation of this crop picture still lies in our future? We wait with keen anticipation to see what happens next!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)   

P,S, During the summer of 2013, those same large, round groups of trees were used on August 13 to create a “star map in the landscape”, which predicted the precise location of Nova Delphini within a “summer triangle” of stars one day later on August 14 (see

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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Thanks Mr Gyro for video. A video I make a simple sketch of the corn field and the location of the crop circle. Railway line, which is a formation located intersects all other lines. It looks like a track cosmic intruder who enters our solar system.

On this occasion I would like to recall a crop circle of December 30, 2013 - USA, California, Salinas Valley, Chualar farm. At the end of last year aroused great interest among the visitors to this site. Within the crop circle was inserted message in braille, showing the number 192. When we add 192 days to the date of the pictogram get date 8 July 2014. On this day, they get three planets (Venus, Earth, Mars) in a position that is displayed in the crop circle three rings on the circuit formation.


On the web site is coincidentally the day July 8, 2014 reported potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroid. It can be assumed that in Ridgeway is displayed just this asteroid.
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