Hawkhill, nr Lesbury, Northumberland, United Kingdom. Reported 15th August

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UH  OH ...  Now you've done it. 

               Reported on Aug 15 2014 is the day of 8 Iq. Decan of Bear.  

                      8 is the number of the highest male authority  

       Iq specifically states, Hawk or Hummingbird. The skirmish location, Hawkhill. 

    Lets do Bear decan first. In the decans it is Aug 13 – 22. Below image from the book Marlene Kruger Das Indische Horoskop 1971. The images are from 500 ce Hindu origin.

  In the tarot images created by Pamela Coleman Smith and Aurthur Waite it is the 5 of wands.

Correlation with multiple sets of decan images Here..

  It is the time of Leo and the time of Dukes and Lords. The Lions of the plains and fields.

 The lion and the water buffalo share the same grassland. Bear is the fighter.

  The enforcer of the Dukes.  Everything appears to be on time here, let's check the day.

    This drawing called the Family shows the proximity of the days to the decans. You can view the entire labeled image here..

  Iq is the 12th day of the 20 days,  the 12th Hexagram of the 64 hexagrams of the  I-Ching, and the #12 image of the 22 major arcana of the Tarot. This day correlates as precisely as any time can. It is incredibly visible.         

Glyph for 12th day Iq ,...Quiche Maya


# 12 hexagram of I-Ching ( Phi )

# 12 major arcana image

 Quote from the # 12 I-Ching description : “  'And let him say, "I die! I die I"
So to a bushy clump his fortune he shall tie
.'  “ 

   So, the day and the decan appear to be synchronistic. The location and the date of report is correct.

   The number of 8 (highest male authority) is also correct as this is the first time I have seen the National Farmers Union spokesman quoted on the report pages of this site. Let alone the mention of the word Duke.  How interesting. 

   And thus far, all this written without any discernable crop circle geometry or shape. 

    It's a human issue.  Let's have a dialogue . A response to the crop report. 

Crop circle appears in field near Alnwick

Motorists, cyclists or walkers heading south from Alnmouth towards Warkworth may have spotted what could be evidence  of visitors from another world as two crop circles or  markings have appeared in fields. In one, a circular shape can be clearly seen and the other  is a more random arrangement, both in a field of ripened  crops.  Ok, so the crop is ripened. Does this mean it will be harvested soon ? What about the birds and animals mentioned at the end of the statement ?  

But in the past, crop circles in north Northumberland have been branded ‘vandalism’ and the cost to farmers has been  counted. Northumberland Estates confirmed that people had been seen
makin the circles in the field on August 19, 2011.

  Whoa, wait a sec, Aug 19, 2011 was 8 Tzi, the number  8  again, and on the day of the protector and justice, and in the same decan. Day description Here. (special note: also an earth day )
There had been much speculation about the artistic
(So its ART now is it ?) creation  in a field near Hawkhill,  ( DAY ) between Alnwick and Alnmouth, on  land belonging to the Estates’ Percy Farms. At the time, a National Farmers’ Union spokesman said:  “It’s trespass, it’s vandalism, it’s stealing, it’s  whatever you want to call it, it’s breaking the law.

    Well its definitely not stealing. It might be trespass but the case hasn't proven that the artists did not have permission from someone else with authority.

It's “whatever we want to call it” is very accurate, we have decided on crop circle art. It's breaking the “law”, well that has not been proven either. The list of people who have the authority to give permission has not been reviewed publicly.  Again, specify. 

“That area won’t be able to be combined and harvested  ( If the crop was ripe and nothing was removed, then the issue is cost or method of harvesting , not harvesting, not withstanding, the harvester may be able to pick up a large percentage)  and  if it’s on about an acre of land, at about three or four  tons an acre at £150 or £160 each ton, that’s £500, so  it’s a costly thing. “If someone broke windows to that amount, they would be in  trouble. People have been locked up for doing far less in  the riots.  So, if the crop can be laid in a particular configuration overnight, then how long would it take for 2 men with rakes to make it so the combine would pick it up ? Comparable to a riot ? How about comparable to a Banksy. Even that is a stretch given the lack of politic involved. 

 “People may say that it’s the Duke’s land and he can afford  it, but can they? And it happens to small farms as well,  it’s just stupidity. ( The small farms are often happy to reap several times the money the crop itself would bring in when they are lucky enough to be the recipient of a magnanimous formation )  Oh, and they still harvest the crop as well. I'm not sure how it all plays out, perhaps they climb out of the air-conditioned cab of the tractor for a few moments.
“They are stealing because they are taking money away from  that farm. It doesn’t only happen to the big landowners.  What about the guy next door with 100 acres?”

  Let's be perfectly honest here, a Family with 100 acres and a beautiful crop circle ( some donate more than others) Plus a wind storm = insurance money, way above the average haul in a years time. Certainly more than the 500 quoted.... this sounds more like an intrusion issue, a violation of sovereignty is more to the point, feeling violated. So really we are talking about emotionally based monetary reimbursement aye ?

A spokeswoman for the Northumberland Estates said: “While  some might see it as an amusing prank, it is in fact  vandalism which has resulted in part of a wheat crop being destroyed and wildlife being disturbed at a time when many birds and animals are busy rearing their young.”

SOURCE:- Northumberland Gazette

  Well, I already covered the issue of wildlife above, but if you simply examine the act of plowing, it is absolutely destructive to tremendous amounts of wildlife , not to mention the spraying of herbicides and pesticides, LOOK at the bees, what is going on ?, Have you a pair of eyes ?  The argument of harm to wildlife is not in the favor of the farmer at this point in time. It used to be, ...it used to be the farmer who stood for the balance of nature and intrusion,.. what has changed ?   MONEY 

  So, do not approach the subject without truth. Examine how we got here and what is going on for crying out loud. 

  Crop circles are anything , BUT, an amusing prank. They are an art form which is in the process of defining our time on the planet. They pay their own way ( with much squabbling) and the patrons are the caring people who respect the farmers above all things. The people who come to the circles are the most pure of heart we have and they give what they have. Go and ask the farmers who regularly have artistic formations and ask them how much they lost and whether they feel violated. The ones who allow the visitors. The ones who understand and accept changes and the need for creativity in humanity. The ones who know they do not own anything, but are stewards who allow with grace the artistic expressions of the people at large they feed. 

  Always it comes to this. The hierarchy dictating ownership. Be wise and know the paintings you buy for millions, have a value beyond money. That's why you bought them isn't it ? 

  The artists who exemplify the free spirit of man cannot operate in a restricted environment. 

 The time of the internet is here, and all can see a single piece in real time. No harm, temporary, and many extras if examining the details. The damage is minimal if at all!  It is a far cry from turning over head stones in a cemetery as teens are apt to do.

           Crop Circles are beautiful and people flock from many corners of the globe to come and see them , be in them, and consciously connect with other human beings in a beautiful artistic way. This includes the farmers. 

   I myself am just a peasant who knows the time. I have never been to a crop circle nor have I stepped foot in one. To me, they are a flash of time, demonstrative and profound. Art that is beyond the realm of ownership. Oh, how perfect in its time and a statement worthy of applause. 

  In history they will be seen as the connecting force of world peace. The artists always find a way forward, and to stop them would the larger crime than a few pounds lost by the arrogance of a harvester operator loathe to get out of the machine for a few moments and play with that which they reap. 

  I kneel to no man. And no god has ever asked me to kneel. I offer wise council and knowledge freely, do not obstruct these artists, for they do what you dream of doing. Perhaps you should join them.  

  David Odell  HSD artstrology.com



In this case, it is not available aerial photograph. But I think it is in the crop shows the path of a celestial body. It could be a comet, asteroid, planet ... The picture displayed is retrograde (backward) motion of Mars as seen from Earth.

Pávková Z.

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This crop circle is a simplified repeat of the original appearing on June 12, 2010 appearing below. My interpretation given in "The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circles Unveiled" page 129, is given below. Go to http://www.kennethmheck.com/aboutthebook.html  for a free download of the entire book. 


ZA GBR (10/06/12) As a whole, the crop circle suggests the number eight, as a number of prior circles also have. This could be a timing indication. 

The crop circle is divided into four parts. The first part with 17 black circles shows the trajectory of a comet (Comet B with its split nucleus) across the sky as it approaches the Earth. It gets larger up to the point where it is the largest just before impact. The trajectory appears to be highly curved due to the revolution of the Earth around the Sun and the actual path of the comet through space.

The second part shows the impact area on the Earth. The first circle indicates the location of impact in the centre of the circle, and two rings or circles of damage or destruction.. Immediately following is a closer view of the two circles of destruction, but with two impact points, since the nucleus of this comet has split into two parts. The third in the series shows only the inner circle of destruction and the two impact points. The remaining four are identical to the third, except they become smaller, suggesting that the viewer is gaining some distance from the impact site to see the entire event from the planetary viewpoint. 

The third part is a commentary on the first two parts. The effect on our planet of this comet strike is like a strike from a poisonous snake. What is shown in the crop circle is a snake, specifically a sea snake. Since this comet will impact in water in the Arctic area, the question is why would a sea snake be found so far north? The answer is that this is Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent of Norse Mythology. The two impact points of the comet represent the two bite marks of the fangs of this spiritual entity. The Midgard Serpent is a sea serpent living in the ocean surrounding Midgard, and is so large it is able to surround Midgard and grasp its own tail.  The Norse religion has been quiescent for centuries, but it is still alive and active in the spiritual realms. However, this doesn't mean that the Midgard Serpent can't cause us problems in the physical realm. An expert on Norse mythology may be able to provide further details. 

The fourth part is an unsymmetrical circle appearing in front of the snake.  This represents the portion or amount of land permanently lost to the sea due to the seismic shock of the comet's impact. Spiritually speaking, there is an unending war between   the ocean and the land.  This comet has a chastising function, besides others, and one penalty for humanity is the loss of land to dominate or exploit. The impact will be in a relatively uninhabited region, so the loss of life won't be necessarily large. 

The half circle appearing in the August 15, 2014 circle indicates that the comet will plough through the atmosphere for one half of the planet. 

Ken Heck







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