Ark Lane (3), nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 3rd September

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All three crop pictures near Ark Lane from August 29 to September 3, 2014 show symbols for the “return of Quetzalcoatl”  

As the result of further study, it has now become clear that all three crop pictures near Ark Lane on August 29, August 31 or September 3 show clear (if cryptic) symbols for the legendary god-teacher from ancient central America who was called “Kukulcan” or “Quetzalcoatl”.   

The first crop picture near Ark Lane on August 29 showed a “radar screen” with a “lunar crescent blip” that appears ready to land (shown at top right in the slide below). Around the perimeter of this “radar screen”, which points toward nearby Southend Airport, we can see the image of a “feathered serpent notched plate” from ancient north America:  

Three vertical bars which lie around the perimeter of that archaeological image were changed to two vertical bars in the Ark Lane crop picture of August 29. This may have been to match other symbols “11” on the runway nearby at Southend Airport, or possibly to mark “11 days” until the super full Moon of September 9.  

We can also see, at lower right in the slide above, another crop picture which was drawn near the first at Ark Lane on September 3, 2014. This nearby crop picture has the long extended shape of a “serpent”. Close to the “head” of that serpent, we can see a small “lunar crescent” for its nostril. Further back we can see two thin curved lines which mark its “eye” (or “eyes”). Still further to the right (and down), we can see a series of five large circles and a “rattlesnake tail” which seem to constitute the rest of the “coatl” or “serpent”.  

The word “Quetzalcoatl” means literally “bird-serpent”. Both the Mayans and Aztecs used “serpents” to symbolize their cultural hero Quetzalcoatl. This particular crop picture, when studied in detail, also shows “T” symbols for airport runway landing, points toward Southend Airport, and was drawn in the landscape within a large number “6”, for “six days” until the super full Moon of September 9.  

Yet another crop picture appeared near Ark Lane on August 31, 2014. It showed a five-pointed star that resembles the “pentagram” shape which is often used to describe Venus orbit around our Sun:  

A five-pointed star has been used for 2000 years to describe the legendary god-teacher Quetzalcoatl, and may be seen in murals from Teotihuacan during the Mayan era. In this case, the five points of that pentagram plus its central circle add to (5 + 1) = 6 days. Three more circles were drawn outside to give “9 days” in total, from August 31 until the super full Moon of September 9. It was drawn within a large number “9” in the landscape to symbolize “9 days”.  

I do not know what will happen next, but can say with confidence that all three crop pictures near Ark Lane on August 29, August 31 or September 3 show symbols (although cryptic) for the legendary Quetzalcoatl of ancient central America. This holds true likewise for many other crop pictures which have appeared over the years.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The Issue With The Human Seed : Stop Lieing 

   The day of Septe 2 2014 was the day indicated by the Ark Lane formations of  Aug 29 & 31.

  Ajpu is the day of conception and the Target shape is the indicator. Septe 2 was 13 Ajpu.


  So , on that night going into Sept 3 there were two distinct formations which confirm this. One in Holland and one in England. Team work on display.              

   The horseshoe formation in Holland happened at a precise time according to the report. I have submitted a companion article to this one on the page for the Horseshoe formation. 

  Sept 2 at 11pm there was a True Grand Trine between three planets in three Horse decans in Fire. 

  The configuration of this one is similar to a report from July 22, 2012 which correlates the order of time.

 That formation also was reported during the week of Imox. July 22, 2012 was 8 Qanil, week of Imox.

   The additional 2 parts which were added on 8 Qanil were critical to understanding the symbolism.

  There have been other formations reported on the day of Imox that have similar shapes. The reason for the distinctive differences could be understood a couple different ways. One would be a language barrier, another would be vibrational. Depending on what time of the solar year it is, the days will have slightly different shapes. Magnetics plays a part and regardless whether it is human made or not, shape follows time. This one was 11 Batz, week of Imox.


  This one was also in Holland, a disfigured formation, but also indicative.

                         On July 16 2012 was 2 Iq, week of Imox


                   To punctuate the message of Imox, a similar symbol was burned onto Roberts chest right next to his nipple. This was a telling clue and helped to solve the repetitive symbolism. Imox is Fire day in Fire quadrant and is also the breast milk or Nipple.



 The 7 sections of the main formation are a direct reference to a Lie. That lie is specifically the gregorian calendar. Septe means 7. So why do we call it the 9th month ?  The obvious difference in length of one section is the confirmation. The week of Imox directly aligns with the decan of Quill this year. In the flow of the 260 day calendar, the days will fall on the same solar year day, every 42 years.

              Combined calendar shows the first day of Quill is 1 Imox and the precise alignment.


  For instance, Sept 3, 2014 was 1 Imox. So, 1 Imox will fall on Sept 3 again in 2056. But to know why Imox is smaller is also important. It is the shortest week, and in the processional order, Virgo is the shortest length of any sun sign.

           On the Dendera. Virgo is at the top. You can see it is condensed. Imox can be even more so.

   Imox is an important energy to understand at this time. While at this particular time it is auspicious, it is not always this way when the human family is having calamity in the consciousness. Imox is neodymium and the strength of the magnetic energy can be hypnotic or paralyzing in the mind. But the Fire Horses have put the foot down. We are going to begin a process of REVEALING THE LIES. The alignment with Quill in this current instance is “causation of accountability”. 

  A few examples of Imox, ...

     9/11 happened on 6 Imox, Quill decan.  People still do not know what hit them. Because of the time , it is obvious that it is a Lie for the quest of Money. Laundering.

                                   It is the Father of All Modern Lies


  Imox is the 11th day and correlates to hexagram #11 in the I-Ching, “ 6. The sixth six, divided, shows us the city wall returned into the moat. It is not the time to use the army. (The subject of the line) may, indeed, announce his orders to the people of his own city; but however correct and firm he may be, he will have cause for regret. “ 

Rebecca Brooks was born on 1 Imox. Many events or people who capture a large audience as a train wreck, or causing a problem in the Family, happen or are directly associated with Imox. It can be the day of the successful lie. The free pass. It is the day of breastmilk, and it is the only free food in life.

 Being born in Gemini on 1 Imox , she is the Queen of Communication Scandal

  “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast is the most famous example of Mass Hysteria. Orson Welles who was the voice for this, was born on 4 Imox.  Many cases where the story and characters simply seem to be discussed to a disproportionate degree, or the person is caught, but just “gets away”, happen on Imox or in the week of Imox. It is a Fire day in the Fire quadrant and is highly magnetic. Being also born in Goat decan adjacent to Qanil and SEED, he is the King of the False Seed.

     From Quiche Maya 6,000 year old description of Imox, it specifically states: “Potential hypnotists”. This does not mean they know what they are doing. They may believe their own lies. Or be oblivious.

  Octo Mom ( Nadya Suleman) was born on 2 Iq week of Imox.

                       Longest surviving octuplets in history.

                    Iq is the cross and Imox is the breastmilk.  People are mesmerized...

                                   Queen of Fertility Scandal


   So, the emphasis here is specifically 8 Qanil in the week of Imox. The formations over the years have paid close attention to this and for good reason. It is the seed. It is the problems being dealt with by children due to their parents. It is the day of the female ovaries and the out of control sexuality.

  The overwhelming desire to perpetuate the seed. Inherent in all life throughout the universe. 

  Qanil is the 19th week of the 20 weeks and is chapter 19 in Genesis. The story of Lot impregnating his 2 daughters after they date raped him. The Oldest Fertility Scandal Around. 

Imox specifically states, “if not healing, can fall into alcoholism” and the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous took his last drink on Imox, the day of AA's birth. From AA wiki

   “Smith drank his last drink on June 10, 1935, the date marked by AA for its anniversaries.

                                  June 10, 1935 was 12 Imox. Imox specifically states ..

Negative: indecisive, homebodies, anger easily when emotionally unbalanced, if not healing,
can fall into alcoholism.

 Imox is the 20th week and the chapter 20 in Genesis. Template Here

  This is the story of a Guy and his sister wife going to a guy and lieing , Pimps his sister wife to a wealthy stranger,. then making off with money, sheep, oxen, and a whole bunch of stuff. Accounting for inflation and other market adjustments, 1,000 pieces of Silver makes this..

                            The Oldest Richest Monetary Based Lieing Pimp Scandal. 

  The 7 sections of the main formation are the seven Uinals ( 20 day periods) leading up to 8 Qanil. The day of the highest Male authority on the day of the Seed. 8 Qanil only happens in the week of Imox. 

  Imox is regarded as the 1rst day by several groups. This is false and is a prime example of the successful lie. It can be proven over and over and over. There are more glaring examples for this than any other time period. Without the understanding of Inception, the time keeper will be constantly struggling to justify causation and result. The only time it matters to know this, is in interstellar and interdimensional communications, and,  if you want to know what day it actually is. As is painfully obvious, humans do not necessarily need integrity to survive. But they will need it to progress. 

   It's not all bad. Leakey's Angels or the Trimates are good spiritual guides. Leakey himself born in the week of Qanil, and  Jane Goodall and Birute Galdikas were both born on 8 Qanil. So two out of the three leakey's angels were specifically 8 Qanil, week of Imox. Together they understand we must live in harmony with nature, and this is the primary message of Qanil. Protect the seeds of the ecosystem.

   Jane Goodall, born 8 Qanil is an angel for the environment. A human ambassador to non-humans.

   Proof that if we fix our problems, the problem areas become our best foot forward.     

  To follow time and its product, we must follow inception, causation, and result. Inception is the most difficult, but not impossible due to the tools left by the ancestors. Time is the core of the worlds wisdom and is the only language which can be deciphered universally on any planet anywhere, anytime. It would be the most important aspect of any travel.  

  Our planet spins at a rate of once every 24 hours. Try to imagine if the energy of Imox was permeating the human brain for months on end. Chaos and insanity would ensue. The grip on reality would be loosened beyond repair. The energies are universal, but the periods and strengths are different according to location in the physical. Just as we would need a certain mixture of oxygen to live, so too would we need to duplicate the energies and periods. Self awareness is the key to getting through a short time immersed in a different magnetic configuration. 

  Fortunately, the magnetic flows cannot be duplicated with instruments or mechanical devices at this time. This doesn't mean some people aren't trying. They will be busted soon. They are evil retards and eugenics control freaks. They would most likely be found in the areas of testing and calibration of highly sensitive devices. 

Qanil is I-Ching hexagram # 18. Link here Clean it all up and give back the stolen property. nuff said ,...Oh and this.. 

David Odell

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