Macmillan Way, nr Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 15th July.

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An enigmatic crop picture which appeared near Rodmarton on July 15, 2014 shows images of a “parachute”, “serpent” and “Aztec calendar wheel”: what might all of these symbols mean?  

A new crop picture which appeared near Rodmarton, Gloucestershire on July 15 was probably the most difficult and cryptic of 2014 to understand (so far). Its primary metaphor remains somewhat obscure, but has generally been accepted (after many discussions among researchers) to be that of a “man skydiving with a parachute”:  

Such “parachute” imagery was also drawn in crops near Badbury Rings on June 17, 2014:  

When we look on Google Earth, to learn where this new crop picture at Rodmarton appears in the overall landscape, we find that it lies near the tip of a “broad green arrow”, which points right-to-left in the slide below:  

Two large “letters” as “D” and “G” also are found in the landscape nearby.  

At the pointed tip of that “broad arrow”, we can see a small “serpent” shape:  

Are “parachutes” and a “serpent” going somewhere together? 

When we follow the direction of that “broad arrow” to see where it points on Google Earth, we find the humorous image of a “serpent landing at a nearby airport”:  

That “large serpent” matches a “small serpent” seen near the crop picture. It is shown wearing “aviator goggles”, as if the crop artist were an airplane pilot!  

The crop artists drew their first “parachute” image very clearly at Badbury Rings on June 17, 2014. Why did they draw their second “parachute” image so obscurely at Rodmarton on July 15, 2014?  

In this case they seem to be drawing it more “roundly”, as for the style of an “Aztec calendar wheel”:  

An Aztec calendar wheel shows 20 outer sections for “20 days”, which make up any Aztec month. This crop picture appeared on July 15, so 20 days later will be August 4.  

The new field image at Rodmarton also resembles a crop picture which appeared near Monument Hill on August 6, 2013 (shown at lower right above). Might they be trying to tell us that something important will happen around August 4 to 6 in 2014?  

The Aztec calendar known as “Tonalpohualli” is another version of the Mayan “Tzolkin”. Day 20 of this Aztec calendar is represented by the symbol “Xochitl” which means “flower”:  

Given such beautiful calendar symbolism, some possible event in early August seems likely to be wonderful!  

Was Rodmarton of July 15 made by the same crop artist who drew a “full Moon” glyph at Hackpen Hill on July 8, 2014?  

That “lunar glyph” showed 16 (or 15.5) wedges around the outside, in order to symbolize how many days our Moon remains visible above the horizon, during any complete phase cycle of 29.5 days. By analogy, the new “parachute” glyph at Rodmarton can probably be associated with “20 days”.  

To conclude, this new crop picture at Rodmarton was difficult to understand for three reasons.  

First, the primary metaphor of its flattened crop seems fairly obscure. It was only recognized after lengthy study by many different people (interactively on Facebook) as a “man skydiving with a parachute”.  

Secondly, the new crop picture was drawn within a large "field arrow", which lies far from its major focus of landscape symbolism, namely the humorous image of a "serpent landing at an airfield”. Close to that “field arrow”, we can see two large “letters” in the landscape which resemble “D” and “G”. Perhaps the crop artist drew this new “parachute” image within an “arrow”, far away from the “airfield”, in order to associate it with those two “letters”?  

Thirdly, its "parachute" image was not drawn as clearly as at Badbury one month earlier, but rather from a different visual perspective, in the approximate fashion of an "Aztec calendar wheel".  Any Aztec calendar wheel shows 20 outer divisions for 20 days in an Aztec month. The symbol for day 20 of that calendar cycle is “Xochitl” or “flower”, which also resembles the crop picture as shown.  

The new crop picture further resembles one which appeared near Monument Hill on August 6, 2013. Are they suggesting that a date close to August 4 or 6, 2014 will be important for some reason? We wait with great anticipation to see what happens next!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. If these amazing field images were being received in binary code on Earth’s radio telescopes, then all of the world’s scientists would be standing in a queue for hours, just to get access to the data. Yet because such messages are appearing in many different fields across England or Europe (repeatedly and mysteriously), hardly any scientists on Earth are paying attention to the various messages received. Those learned scholars believe that no extra-terrestrials are currently anywhere near Earth, that all UFO reports are false, and that time travel remains impossible. Thus they return to their laboratories, libraries or meeting halls to discuss more conventional scientific topics!  

What a shock it will be for the academic classes on Earth, when the crop artists finally appear openly, so that the whole world can see them. Just after I solved an x-ray crystal structure of left-handed DNA in 1979 (which was not known at the time), the distinguished scientist Alex Rich, who found the first example a few months earlier, told me at a meeting, “We have been like horses wearing blinders!”

P.S. Several details relating to the Rodmarton crop picture suggest a time period of “22 days”. There are (20 + 2) = 22 flattened areas of crop, while its date of appearance as July 15 lies 22 days before August 6, which was when a related crop picture appeared at Monument Hill in 2013. These observations might therefore suggest a date of August 6 (which would be 22 days into the future past July 15), or else possibly July 22 (which would be 22 days into the month of July).

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Lots of Batz  , in all the spots 

Reported July 15,2014 is the day of 3 Batz. Communication of the Family, Batz specifically states :

The first day men and women were born. To intialize with one thread. Family from Creator over Earth. Kawoq is related to Batz. 

Batz is the first day of the 20 days. Some people say Imox is the first day and this is incorrect. 

 It is I-Ching hexagram #1 and Day #1. It is the #1 image of the major arcana of the tarot.



 Hexagram # 1 - Khien (represents) what is great and originating, penetrating, advantageous, correct and firm.

The crop image,...inception is the motif, and the central spasm of seminal energy is directed to Batz. 

It is the essence of the understanding of the whole Family and here is a crop circle design of 20 that is on time. 

Judge Judy was born on 11 Batz. In Monkey decan makes her the double Monkey. She oversaw Family court in the sea of humanity that is NYC.

 I'm not sure about the laws, but this lady has been on for 18 seasons. Entertaining.

 On the darker side, Charles Manson is born 10  Batz , leader of the Manson family.

The animal for Batz is the Monkey. Louis Leakey was born on 4 Batz  !


 Everyone loves Monkeys, even Charlton Heston.

The chapter in genesis that correlates to the week of batz is # 10. A story of a whole Family. 

The first verse of the entire book is 11 Batz.

                    1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

This would mean verse 21 has to be Batz.

“21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. “ 

Why the special mention of Whales ?  Because Batz sits adjacent to Pisces, home of Cetus, the great whale. 

I am born 1 Batz. My first drawing was “Family”. Crayons on Paper.

             ” We are what we is, have fun and try not to kill each other “

 The greek translation is wrong, they used to consider the constellation of Cetus as the sea “monster”, but all other systems have the sea “monster” in first decan Capricorn. The animal in Pisces is the dragon (I-Ching) or the whale.  The monkey and the whale have one thing in common. The voice carries for many miles.

The howler monkey can be heard over the tree tops to all within the jungle. The whale songs have been theorized as carrying across entire oceans. The deep water is the place of rest, but the whale breathes air and must surface. Batz is an Air day in the air quadrant. The element for Batz is Tin, it has more stable isotopes than any other element, 10. and it cries when you bend it, kinda sounds like a whale song.  From I-Ching #1 , “the dragon lying hid (in the deep). It is not the time for active doing. “

   On the Dendera...

accept no substitutes, I-Ching ,Legge translation, Decans, Marlene Kruger Das Indische Horoskop, Mayan Days, Quiche Maya Elders and Saq'Be, ...Genesis, multi-cultural origin.  

 20 days is a “score”,  20 years is a “score”. Who has this ? Who were the Olmecs ? 

 David Odell

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Marina Sassi posts us her slide with her observation regarding the crop circle at Macmillan Way, near Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported on the 15th of July, 2014.



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