Hoeven (4), Holland. Reported 11th September

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Owls and Seeds, What The World Needs 

   Reported Septe 11, 2014 is the day of 9 Toj, 13 day week of Imox, Quill. 

  The formation shows the transition to a new time, which will start on 11 Batz. Septe 13, first day of Swallow decan. Purification of Accounting on several levels. 

   The precise reporting and descriptions of events at the scene of discovery are wonderful.

   The transition is again emphasized with particular details such as the type of crop, animal encounters, and sensations or feelings. One of the key aspects of the Owl symbolism is Transition. In the 20 days, there are 2 days which specifically reference the Owl. Tijax mentions the small owl and Tijax is a day of transition. Kame mentions the Larger Horned Owl and is also a transition. Owls are extremely perceptive and the “horns” are actually tufts of feathers that protrude from their head as sensory devices that enable flight through a forest in the dark. They can follow energy flows. Also associated with wisdom and time. 

  Once again 8 Qanil ( day of the seed) is visible.

  On the combined calendar.

  The screen shot from the Linear Time Model of 2014.

  Toj is the 19th day and the # 19 hexagram of the I-Ching, and the 19th image of the major tarot as drawn by Pamela Coleman Smith. Toj is adjacent to Horse decan and can be sweet. Thus the description of  “playful and sweet” is quite helpful. “Abundance of yellow” also key.

  The Hindu images are full of details and symbology that has proven them to be indispensable.

             Horse decan Likes Bon-Bons.  More on Horse here

   The moon was precisely conjunct Horse decan on the night of the discovery. The triangle this time is formed with Pluto in Capricorn instead of Jupiter in Leo as was the case for the Horseshoe.

  Note that the triangle has a plumb-bob swinging in 2nd decan Libra which is Falcon decan.

  The transition is further indicated by the third leg of Pluto in Lotus. Pluto is an agent of change and Lotus is adjacent to Ix. The week of Ix is upcoming and starts early sometimes. This is one of those times. Ix like Lotus is a feminine aspect. The 20 Nawales or days,  are more spiritual aspects, whereas the decans lean toward physical. The gregorian calendar begins precisely on the first day of Lotus decan because that is the financial advantage and the intention. Filling brass plates with silver and gold.

  The Mustard Seed is also interesting, not only because it has the word SEED right in the name, but because there is an old parable about the mustard seed. In Hoeven!!  “Then Jesus told another story: “The kingdom of Hoeven is like a mustard seed that a man planted in his field. That seed is the smallest of all seeds, but when it grows, it is one of the largest garden plants. It becomes big enough for the wild birds to come and build nests in its branches.”  

   The world is not ending, nor is Nibiru coming to get us. The space people will not enslave us, we are not going to have armygeddon, and we are not going to be saved by a guy flying through space on a cloud. Things have been getting a little better and we are entering a time of correction and accountability. Even the comment sections on most websites have trolls correcting peoples spelling.  

    “ The Scream” by    Edvard Munch Born dec 12, 1863  Day of Toj. Day of the Ears.

   It is recorded in many cultures that about every 49 to 52 years, a sudden feeling of impending doom would permeate different societies. Astrologers noted this and realized that it was a change of natural cycle. Churches have been profiting off of this for ages. It is Fraud. Thus the practice of Jubilee and debt repayment time limit was instituted all over the world thousands of years ago. Tribes on every continent practiced it.  If we don't do this, the feeling of impending doom remains and we are constantly dreaming up new ways that we are all going to ride the earth into flaming hell.

 Horses and sheep are easily spooked, so ...the latest is asteroids or sun flares.

      Nonsense, we are entering a new time.

Something beautiful is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

Plant a garden and get a few chickens. The reset button is about to be pushed.

                          We are going to get a new doctor.

David Odell Artstrology.com

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Artwork WJ

Sharing my thoughts on this crop pattern using the diagram illustration rather than aerial shots, for clarity. This is what I "see" as a nutshell; a first impulse; an initial impression; a capsule.

Energy in motion from our Sun now aligned with Galactic plane. Emitting CMEs

(coronal magnetic ejections also called solar flares) in all directions. Crop patterns I think have to be perceived in 3 or 4D shapes, not flat-line 2 dimensional. The arcs symbolize the flares, announcing that Earth is about to be showered with an acceleration of that super energy again and indeed the "shower" started Friday Sept 12.

At another level we "see" mirror images, the two-way "heartbeat" of the universe converging toward a  unified one. The moment of convergence will reach a point of stillness, unity, zero space/time. Our sun and planets have been doing various energy dances in response to the changing continuum, for some time now.



Tom Berger, director of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, said it has been several years since Earth has had a solar storm of this size coming from sunspots smack in the middle of the sun. 

Galactically speaking, things are on the "uptick".

Here is a photo of the sun with a very large flare looking very much as if it is represented by the white "hole" seen in the Hoeven diagram above.

The sun's coronal holes can be seen here in this x-ray image

Solar flares can pack a punch equivalent to tens of millions of hydrogen bombs. Solar flare emissions are part of those energy dances of our sun and planets, altering molecular structure of all matter, raising vibration, raising our collective consciousness to be able to hold more light. And that is a good thing. Frequency-enhanced energies are tools of transition, transformation, altering what is perceived as "reality".

David Odell on this Comments page says we are entering a new time, the reset button is about to be pushed. Most certainly so. We are in continuous progressive reset mode moment to moment, and then at peak will come very soon, a final reset. It will be dimensional, it will be permanent and it will be good. Reset is by design of the Divine Architect, Supreme Intelligence of the cosmos. So it can be nothing less than perfection.

Owl, Ancient Wisdom Keeper who brings Hidden Knowledge. Imparts spiritual meaning that this is a time of gaining clarity in the darkness.

Barbara Tomczyk



Este agro es una continuacion del agro 3-9-2014 UK y continua explicando el salto dimensional desde un planeta a otro,.. aunque en este grafico se muestran los puntos intermedios de cada salto dimensional.

Primero la nave (con polaridad inversa a la Tierra, conseguida con el giro de los ejes de la nave) salta dimensionalmente hacia el otro lado de la órbita de la Tierra (punto intermedio) y afuera de la atmosfera de la Tierra,... y de los cinturnes de Van Allen.

Despues la nave, usando un centro de giro común... situado entre el planeta de partida y el de destino... salta a este.

Despues dará un nuevo salto dimensional para cruzar los cinturones Van Allen del planeta de destino entrando así en la atmosfera y superficie de este.

De modo que para llegar desde la Tierra hasta su planeta de destino,  la nave habrá realizado 3 saltos dimenionales.

Uno para salir de la atmósfera y cinturones de Van Allen de la Tierra,... otro  para llegar cerca del planeta de destino,... y otro para cruzar los  cinturones de Van Allen y entrar dentro de la atmosfera y sobre la superficie del planeta de destino.


Fernando Ortolá


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This crop circle follows the Ark Lane (3) of 3 September 2014. I think we have creators circles trying to convey something of binary systems. Binary stars are abundantly represented in the universe, and astronomers know them well. We know even triple star systems. So why does this fact makers of crop circles inserted into crops? Maybe because even our Sun is no exception and we were part of a binary system. Both stars can have their satellites. On that occasion, I remembered the crop circle of June 28, 2013 - Czech Republic - Úštěk. It was already inserted into crops diagram of a binary system. Judge for yourself, as it coincides with the tale of Nibiru.

Pávková Z.

Hello again after my longer time of silence. 

To begin with it is your reports. Some really nice and creative reports you all people have sent. Many thanks for that. To take a closer look onto what we have, I see me disappointed.

Not only that you ignore the complete story behind, as it was been told by Robbert v/d Broeke, you instead wanted to be 'innovative', be free and express your own 'views', which I surely appreciate, but to note, that you are wrong. 

Not only that ONE is wrong, you ALL are wrong in your so called 'views'.

That special crop circle was been presented only to Robbert van de Broeke, and for sure he is a so called sensitive mind, same as I am.

YOU all people cannot feel into the image as Robbert can do; in other words I do see me able to 'feel' the message also, because I am a same sensitive mind with some special connections. 

It was a message right for HIM personally, and he has had his own problems with it, to see it and to understand it. So it is absolutely normal for a sensitive person to "...sometimes suffers depression for several days prior to the arrival of new formations and this was the case this time." 

I mention this just for reasons of agreement in feelings from one soul to another, because I've found myself in very similar situations so often. But I have a very strong 'light' and therefore I can withstand the so much bad influences, which by the way is not that easy as you possibly can imagine...... Finally the Light remains, and that's all to say here.

But this has absolutely nothing to do with YOU all dear writers. You CANNOT have such feelings and likewise cannot 'interpret' such images with your rational mind. The shown crop circle shows a special situation, but for all of YOU it is nothing more than to flip over to the next page of the 'children's painting book' and the teacher asks you: What do you see now? And what does it looks like? 

So far the teacher and so far the children..........................

You ARE the children, but you have not grasped any of the meaning in the images. It wasn't just an 'image' even when it looks like a senseless or funny image. 

WHY you all are not open to really look deeper into it??? Even Robbert was confronted with all this, but he could not escape from the message which was been sent to him personally. Sure I am able to take a deeper look into it. It needs a somewhat called translation for to bring the meaning closer to YOU who look at it so helpless and perplexed.

SO, from Robbert's and my view the image tells a special coded message. I'm not sure how Robbert has translated that message, maybe he even felt tired and depressed, but I am here to help Robbert to find the way out of depression due to the incoming message. And I will help you all readers to feel into it and to understand it, at least in parts.......  The image looks like this: 


But what is the message, which was been sent to Robbert?
I tried some ways to make it more obvious to you, but am not sure to make you able to understand. However, the image tells this in some strange ways: 


We have TWO realities, the 1st is shown as the black coloured A1, where the mind is conscious and is surrounded by a 'knowing' space - so to say. 

The 2nd is the red coloured reality no. 2, which is the complete opposite from the no. 1, the real reality. This reality - where WE do live in, it is grounded on ignorance and self over estimating. Therefore the 'knowing space' is faded OUT - not accessible for the 'knowing humankind'. The image is therefore the 'contrary' from the real world, same as YOU deny the real world - even to be seen here in all your so 'precious' reports (to not offend you).  

To go on to see the lines and where they go to: 'A1' becomes 'A2' with no any changing, because reality remains the same forever.

But 'B1' changes its position into 'B2', for what reason ever.

You can see it in the change of 'depiction' if comparing B1 with B2. 

So the message. And very easily I can share Robbert's feelings. He has seen what I have seen, and we both have understood finally.

But the HOW is it which makes us feel so unsafe and - by holding all that in mind and heart - so really lonely.......... 

So if you readers do read these lines and watch the images and imagine the connections, then you will possibly be able to 'understand' the deeper meaning of the sent sign.........

Just a 'message' - but with so deeper meaning........  My greetings here to you and specially to Robbert......... 


2014-09-19 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike