Hoeven (3), Holland. Reported 3rd September

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Updated Thursday 11th  September  2014


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Putting The Foot Down,  Horses For The Wagons 

  Reported Sept 3, 2014 is the day of 1 Imox.

  Previously there were 3 crop formations in one day in Holland reported July , 16, 2014. That was the day of 4 E which is the Stability of the Gaurdians of the Path. Now we have a horse print.

 It was said at that time, that the 3 formations formed a triangle.

                                  This is the image from Roberts site showing the locations.

 This Horse print location is placed within the triangle and at the precise time a True Grand Trine ocurred in the 3 Fire signs on the first day of a Fire week in the Fire quadrant. Jupiter was in 2nd decan Leo, Moon was in 2nd decan Sagittarius, and Uranus was in 2nd decan Aries, the hours of the day change on Sept 2 -3. The Moon moves quickly so the Trine lasted a short time that night. 

     Here is how it appears on a combination Day - Decan calendar.

  Here is how it appeared on a chart from astrolabe.com

                 Note that Aries is closest to mid-heaven and 2nd decan is the Horse with one foot.

And certainly in alignment with Helen's comment about this formation is Virgo at the bottom. Equally important in regard to Helen's observation, is the fact that once again we have an institution which villianizes astrology yet displays it and uses it prolifically. 

  From 500 ce Hindu drawings the 3 decans and their descriptions. 

  First is Aries , Horse Decan.

         The 2nd decan of Aries is Horse. It is a four footed female decan ruled by the Sun. (April 1-10)
A woman with a pot-like belly is dressed in red clothes, and has the face of a horse.
She thinks about jewelry and food. She is thirsty and has only one foot.

  Second is Saggitarius, Oyster Decan

      The 2nd decan of Saggitarius is Oyster. It is a female decan ruled by Mars. (Dec 2-11)
A beautiful woman shining like gold and champak blossoms is sitting on a shell-like throne
and is presenting jewels from the oceanic realms.

  Third is Leo,  Hunter Decan

   The 2nd decan of Leo is Hunter. It is an armed male decan ruled by Jupiter. (Aug 3-12)
A man with a white wreath of flowers on his head has the body of a horse. He is wearing a black fur.
He is armed with a bow and has the frightful presence of a lion.

  The 1rst decan of Sagittarius, 2nd decan Aries, and 2nd decan of Leo are the only three decans with Horse bodies. The Oyster decan perhaps could be considered the shoe for the Horse.

    First decan Sagittarius.

This alignment would indicate Activity related to movement and the harnessing of the Horses in preparation for movement forward. This indication is Part one of the 2 part message for Sept 3 formations. The other being  Ark Lane (3) formation of Sept 3.

  The symbolic emphasis of a Horse stamping one foot is an eagerness and readiness for movement as any person who works with Horses would affirm. It translates the same astrologically.  

 It is also a locational message which Links the formations in England with the formations in Holland.

       An underlying aspect is the Sun. Right now it is in the place of Accounting, and the Oyster is related to the ancestors. To me it speaks of a unification of the ancestors from both lands and a consensus of movement forward. The ancient peoples when unified were led by wise and humble leaders who worked for the people.

   If Septe is 7 and Octo is 8, and Nove is 9, then how come they are considered 9, 10, and 11 ?

How convenient for the collectors, and how confusing for the people.  

Double standards can be eliminated with a single well placed foot. This one has FLAME and will burn for some time. 

 It is also the Year of the Wood Horse in the Chinese calendar. 

Perhaps a relevant depth to the astrological significance.

The correlated hexagram with Oyster regards the ancestors and happy unions. Link here

But the life of a pearl begins with discomfort. We should be past it. 

 David Odell Artstrology.com





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