Dornberg / Zierenberg. Germany. Reported 1st August

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Updated Sunday 10th  August 2014


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Given the remarkable message of “world events and hope” which may be seen in or near this crop picture which appeared at Zierenberg, Germany during July of 2014, it would be interesting to learn exactly on which day it appeared: whether before or after July 17? If on a date before that, then the crop artists would clearly have to be time travellers.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


During video playback, I noticed that near the flower is an old Germanic symbols - runes. This rune is hláska Z  and the original Germanic name of the rune "algiz", meaning "protection, defence" . I think that crop circles are large emitters shape that is supposed to protect us.

Pávková Z.

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Hello dear friends, 

with this new and very explicit crop circle I find myself totally overwhelmed and speechless.... 

Because..... it really shows MY own used image, which I use for to 'sign' my reports since a longer time.

And no longer will anybody be able to deny this clear visible fact, because you can see with own eyes........ 

Many thanks here to Mr. Pávková Z. who wrote about "...I noticed that near the flower is an old Germanic symbols - runes. This rune is hláska Z  and the original Germanic name of the rune "algiz", meaning "protection, defence" 

Sure, one can see the special rune, another one including me sees that sign as the sign of 'Peace'. But everyone can see the inner part of the 'Flower of Life'. 

Let's take a look at this so very special crop circle: 

Sure, I am very happy to see such a wonderful crop circle right here in Germany, and it is because I AM a German and now I see that CC-makers have sent and placed their exactly 'reply' in a bit 'closer' geometric distance to me.
To explain: Zierenberg is located a bit north west from Kassel (search for it in google maps)

I would say it's around 180 km from my home, if not lesser.

My city is approx 50 km west from Hannover.

So my big thanks here to the CC-makers - In friendship and honour I bow my head....... 

Would like to use the opportunity here for to invite all of you to read my last reports which you can find here (in 'comments'):

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It will help you to 'see the bigger picture' in the telepathic conversation with CC-makers, same as my 'sign' will help you here.......... 

Bye my friends and very kind regards............... 

 2014-08-07 - Gerd Estrup -


Mother Meera (Avatar) used to live very close to this formation. She moved from India (Sri Aurobindo Ashram) to Thalheim (Dornberg). So maybe this is a bit of a power spot. I used to go to Darshan at her house in Thalheim and stay at a hotel in Hadamar which I can see on the map. The flower of life is very appropriate for Ma

Gerald Plumb



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike